Mondays Music Medleys

Well April has started off with a kick! Or, for those of us who have comically inclined friends, a laugh(perhaps an actual kick)! And while that is being said, happy April Fools!

Being the start of a new season for most of us, I persuaded the team here at AfterShokz to start something new as well. Every Monday from here on out we will be bringing you 5 new songs to help guide you through the work week. While it may not be the top ten songs on the radio, we promise you something that sounds fresh, something that sounds familiar or perhaps something that sounds like nothing we have heard before.

So lets get this week started:


“Diane Young”

Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City (2013)

Fresh off the press is the new single from Vampire Weekend. The indie rock band from New York City known for such titles as “Mansard Roof,” “A-Punk,” “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” and more is fashioning itself for a great new album scheduled to be released in May. Three years since the release of their second album Contra, Vampire Weekend is destined to bring forth another great sequencing of music. From the synthetic and bassy undertones to the light and airy leads of their new single “Diane Young,” fans can only expect the upcoming release to be everything that is and has been Vampire Weekend.

“End of the World”

Hunter Hunted – Hunter Hunted EP (2013)

A brand new rhythmic duo blending sounds of indie pop and folk is Hunter Hunted. Already fixed at the #1 spot on Billboards Next Big Sound chart, Hunter Hunted has created a giant footprint in cement. A cavity that we all want to step into. The feel-good sound that encompasses every stride of “End of the World” is noticeable  on all of Hunter Hunted’s EP.

“We Got It Wrong”

St. Lucia – St. Lucia EP (2012)

From the one man bands 2012 album comes “We Got It Wrong.” What is almost a homage to the great, and under-rated, genre which we now classify as “the 80’s” out-does itself in every aspect. The synthetics and light vocals push through into your soul making you want to dance slowly in your seat. It’s beat takes you away and divides each moment of the song perfectly in a timely fashion. If this song doesn’t fully fill your music needs, fear not, St. Lucia has a full album waiting for your enjoyment. Furthermore, he released a new single in September of 2012. What’s its name? Coincidentally, “September“.


Muse – The 2nd Law (2012)

The English rock group has always been seen as everything but expected. Their continually changing music styles have kept them alive for nearly two decades. Last year, they released their album The 2nd Law. While they are known for such hits as “Knights of Cydonia,” “Uprising” and “Time is Running Out” or fan favorites including “Bliss,” “Hysteria” and “Unintended,” their newest addition is anything but familiar. With sounds that echo traditional styles such as electronic and rock opera, Muse has delivered a new generation of music in this album. What I deem to be a great collaboration from the bands members, I can only assume that for some fans The 2nd Law is a different sound that may take some getting used to.

“The John Wayne”

Little Green Cars – Absolute Zero (2013)

Straight from Dublin comes what many critics are preparing to be one of this years indie sensations. The folk and rock group is styled in their simplicity of sound and home-hitting lyrics. To anyone with a few minutes time, they  will speak to your soul. While there has been little said about their album Absolute Zero, everyone who is listening should be pleased and eager to expect more.

If you have any comments on the music above, feel free to talk about it in the comments sections. Additionally, we will always be interested in new content! All of these songs are available for purchase on iTunes. We certainly hope this helps you get through the work week! At the very least 30 minutes of it. And if you don’t want to purchase the songs I have added a link to a Spotify playlist below to fit your needs.


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